Key to the development of energy systems

With global population rising and demands for energy increasing the importance of reducing our carbon footprint has never been greater. The process of minimizing energy loss through the use of effective management and monitorisation can play a key role in buffering the effects of global warming. However in order to be truly effective in combating the effects of climate change, we need to continue to move further and further away from carbon inducing fossil fuels towards greener and more sustainable renewable energies.

The UNDP defines energy efficiency as key to the development of energy systems, with the International Energy Agency (IEA) estimating that efficient energy use, could effectively limit the global rise in energy demands to just a third by 2040.

CThe EVG group aims to both develop energy efficient buildings and also retrofit existing, non-efficient buildings. It seeks to achieve this goal through the effective installation of photovoltaic panels, in conjunction with the installation of appliances that are integrated with smart systems and can be controlled remotely, hence reducing some, if not all, wastage of energy. Therefore what EVG has achieved through the creation of its sustainable package is a system that combines improvements in energy efficiency with the installation of photovoltaic cells to develop renewable energy.