The Energy Vision Group

About EVG

ISD Iberica The key focus of ISD Iberica lies in smart engineering and home automation in order to create ‘smart homes’ whereby many if not all of its applications can be monitored and controlled remotely. The system comprises of 3 main functions that focus on: Communication – Local and remote controlling systems (the ability to control your home from inside and out) Control – Automated lighting systems, automated climate (temperature) regulation and remote control over curtains and blinds. Technical alarms – for smoke, water and gas, whereby smart system triggers safety features which shuts off the relevant valves or appliances automatically. This ISD system forms a large part of our package here at EVG where we will use said system to monitor and control the usage of energy at our clients homes as well as monitor for any problems that may arise in order to effectively solve them promptly and effectively. 

EVG Solar Farms
EVG Solar Farms is dedicated to making a positive difference to the environment and society by providing clean, affordable, solar energy solutions. We operate as a solar energy provider and build, install and maintain photovoltaic plants. Our partners, which form part of the wider Energy Vision Group, encompass companies with tremendous global experience in the field and our supply chain for PV modules include the world’s leading manufacturing companies. Solar energy has proven itself to be highly competitive in the renewable energy market and with constant technological breakthroughs happening within the industry and the steady growth it is enjoying, solar energy is playing a key role in the adoption of clean renewable energy sources for the world.

Ingeasist are our engineering specialists with specific focus on efficiency and maintenance. They are based in Granada, Spain and have been involved with over 60 major national (Spain) and International projects between 2001 – Present. Their wealth of experience in sustainable engineering makes them important and influential experts that are fully involved with our projects at EVG. 

OFITECA Technology S.L.
Our Installation Experts. The company aims to offer energy efficient solutions through the use of various engineering applications, whilst always drawing from clean energy sources. They specialize in both the energy sector and also in water treatment systems making them perfectly suited towards aiding the EVG in our mission to retrofit structures in a sustainable and cost-effective manner. 

Energy company based in Castilla y León with more that 60 years worth of experience. They pride themselves as being innovative, seeking constant improvement and advancement in their products and services. They are involved in numerous national and international projects, whilst maintaining the humility and interpersonal services that allowed the company to thrive in the first place. EUFÓN Solar are our photovoltaic specialists, servicing EVG in terms of both installation and maintenance of these systems. 

A world leader in the technology that employs over 270,000 people worldwide, a net stock of 258 billion Yen and a 592 other consolidated companies. Panasonic are currently investing heavily in sustainable technology themselves and are thus, their products are perfectly suited towards our goals Their cutting edge technology is also flexible and allows for effective modification of their applications that enables EVG to monitor these applications effectively through use of a remote monitoring and control system developed by one of our other partners. 

SDL – Sustainable Development Limited
Our construction and civil engineering experts. SDL is a local company that aims to deliver the highest standards and expertise in todays market relating to energy efficiency, refurbishment and general construction sectors of the market. Its main base of operations is located in Granada, Spain where it has already achieved significant levels of success. Its key focus lies in the sustainable conversion of older, less energy efficient buildings through the usage and installation of various modern applications, whilst maintaining and protecting many key building components. This is an extremely important skill for EVG to draw upon, especially in an area such as Gibraltar where many buildings are designated as heritage sites resulting in various construction restrictions being placed. SDL’s specialty lies in its ability to work in tandem with these restrictions in order to meet the customers engineering requirements whilst adhering to these restrictions. 

Is a wholesale distributor for hardware and appliances that include: solar energy; air conditioning units; hot water systems, water treatment, heating and ventilation. The company provides 4 points of sale located in Malaga, Jaén and Granada, with the latter city boasting two points of sale. All of these cities are located just a short drive away from Gibraltar and this fact, when considered alongside their professionalism and security of service, ensures that EVG has a stable and secure source of importation for our customers. 

EVG Maintenance and Installations
EVG maintenance and installations is, as its name suggests, responsible for maintenance and motorisation of our projects. It does this via its motorisation programme, which allows it to remotely monitor the various appliances and energy systems present within our projects. Through this system, it is possible to act efficiently when needed, as the system is fitted with a smart system and alarm notifications, which identify devices and appliances that are due for maintenance or require immediate attention respectively. The fact that EVG Maintenance and Installations is situated locally in Gibraltar means it is also able to act and carry out its maintenance duties swiftly and effectively without delay. EVG Maintenance and Installations is also responsible to acting as the central nucleus for the Energy Vision Group, coordinating and liaising with EVG’s various associated companies in order to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Deselec LTD
With over twenty years of experience, DesElec Ltd are one of the leading electrical contractors here in Gibraltar, and is host to wealth of qualified and certified electrical engineers. After being established in 2003, they have grown to become a recognised and respected electrical installation and certification specialist in Gibraltar.

Their mission statement is to:
Provide superior workmanship.
Conduct themselves with integrity and courtesy.
Deliver total customer satisfaction.

As a local company, they provide EVG with quick and effective support when needed, allowing for a more time-effective and efficient responses for our clients.